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Game: Badminton | 羽毛球比赛

posted Jun 23, 2011, 5:08 PM by Yongli Wang   [ updated Jul 10, 2011, 11:12 AM ]
CSSA will hold an badminton competition

Time : July 9 (Saturday), July 10 (Sunday)
Site : Henry Crown Sports Pavilion
Eligibility : Everyone!
Register will be ended on July 8 (Friday) 5:00pm. Welcome to join or watch the game!
In order to trigger interest of participating in the contest, the players will have chances to enter a lottery in which the prize is a 50$ amazon gift card. Champion, first runner-up and second runner-up will be honoured.
Please fill out this form, if you would like to take part in the match. Hope to see you on the courts!


CSSA 将举办羽毛球比赛
时间 : 7月9号 (周六) 7月10号 ( 周日)
地点 : Henry Crown Sports Pavilion (西北有游池的那个gym)
7 月8号下午五点报名截止, 之后我们会安排比赛次序. 为吸引更多的人参与, 我们将在参赛选手中组织抽奖, 奖品是50元 amazon gift card. (奖品有点寒酸, 但比赛第二, 活动筋骨重要, 同时可以省下钱为大家组织更多的活动) 冠亚季军将得到我们的掌声和精神鼓励.
请报名的同学填写以下表格. 赛场见~~

Follow-up message

Based on the experience of tennis game, we will change the awarding scheme. 50$ amazon gift cards will be awarded to each of the two champions.  The players, except those for men's title and women's title, will have chances to enter a lottery in which the prize is two 25$ amazon gift cards. The drawing will be done by the two champions. First runner-up and second runner-up will be honoured. This is the final call, and we will not change the awarding scheme after this point. Please to fill out this form, if you would like to join in the game.

The new fiscal year has not begun, and the lacking of financial aid disables CSSA providing rich prize. Instead of putting all money in one game, we prefer to organize more events so that more people will have chances to get involved.
When new students arrive, another game will be held to let the new-comers blend in the NU community. So don't regret missing this game if you can't make it.


根据刚结束的网球比赛经验, 我们将改变羽毛球比赛奖励机制. 男子组和女子组冠军将分别得到50$ amazon gift card. 除两位冠军, 所有参赛选手将有机会得到25$ amazon gift card (共两张25$的gift card, 同一人不可同时得到这两张gift card). 将由两位冠军进行抽奖.

Thanks for all of the player, who present an excellent game to us.

The final winners are Ajing Cao and Jiayan Lu (50$ gift card, each); and the two lucky players are Chuangxun Cheng and Baohua Shan (25$ gift card, each).

The photos of this game are uploaded to this place.
Feel free to download your photos. If you don't want to publish your photos, please tell us, we will delete them for you.

Thanks! Hope to see you guys at other cssa events.

In the end, we sincerely appreciate Hongcheng and Xiaohan organising this game. Without their help, we won't have such an awesome game.