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Game | 打牌 三国杀

posted Aug 19, 2011, 9:59 AM by Yongli Wang   [ updated Sep 14, 2011, 2:19 PM ]
Nothing better than making friends in games. To let the new students get involve in this community, set up new friendship and obtain experience from the students in advanced degree, we will hold an event, playing games. 升级, 找朋友 (depends on where you are from, they may have different names), 三国杀 and 杀人 will be in the pool for you to choose. We encourage the new students/scholars to join us, while we also welcome the students and scholars in advanced years. Old and new will collide, sparking the fire of knowledge. A 10$ amazon gift card will be drawn at the end. Please fill out the form below, if you would like to join us. Please indicate whether you are from Chicago campus in the form, we will see if we need to hold a separate counterpart on the Chicago campus. If you have trouble to view this form, please try
Time: 9/18 Sunday @ 1pm
Location: Engelhart, McManus and Seabury are our candidates, depending on the number of players. We will see.

为使新生更好的融入新的环境, 我们组织打牌, 三国杀(不知现在三国杀是否还流行), 欢迎参与

Game | 打牌 三国杀 杀人

Follow-up message
We decide the location will be in the Evanston Campus Graduate Student Commons, i.e. the Seabury, 600 Haven St. Evanston, IL 60208, Room 250 (2nd floor). In case you don't know where is this place, here are the latitude and longitude (42.0572, -87.6774).
Another similar event will be hold on the chicago campus, which details will be attached soon. However, the students living on chicago campus are also welcome to join us this time.

Name tags will be provided, so it may be easier to mingle with others. A lottery will be drawn on 3pm. If you want to win the price, please be sure to arrive on time.