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posted Apr 23, 2013, 8:38 PM by Yongli Wang


Whereas, on April 20tha strong magnitude 7 earthquake hit Ya'an, a city of 1.5 million not far from Chengdu, Sichuan, China;

Whereas, the disaster has already taken the lives of hundreds and left thousands wounded and homeless;

Whereas, the trauma again reminded us of the Wenchuan earthquake five years ago that jolted nearby area and left almost 90,000 people dead;

It is time to show your love and support!

We will be holding donation ceremony on Thursday, April, 25th  in front of Kellogg from9am-5pm and please stop by and show your support! 


This is a difficult time for the victims of the earthquake and those who identify with the trauma of that land.

As the hometown of pandas, Ya’an is a beautiful and peaceful city that is welcoming to friends from around the world. This earthquake has not only claimed the lives of people on that land, but also destroyed their beloved homes, and schools.

While we cannot prevent natural disasters from happening, WE INDEED CAN STAND TOGETHER AS A COMMUNITY AND SHOW OUR UTMOST SUPPORT.


At this moment, distance is no longer an obstacle as long as we march together; At this moment, we need to spread the spirit of Wildcat to help those in need;

At this moment, love and support are the common language we speak:

Pray for Ya’an, Donate for Ya’an.


We offer delicate Chinese souvenirs (Cute panda toys, silk scarves and porcelain king rings!)



a donation certificate granted by DaringQ Charity Foundation 

a cute sticker with "I HELPED YA'AN"

All donations will be recorded and goes to charity organizations in China!

除了欢迎各位踊跃来捐款,我们非常欢迎有时间愿意帮忙做现场志愿者的人。可以在这里填一下sign up sheet

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