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CSSA 重磅活动 “Alumni Reunion” 又回来啦!

posted Nov 4, 2015, 9:45 PM by Weifeng Huang   [ updated Nov 4, 2015, 9:54 PM ]

一年一度的CSSA 重磅活动 “Alumni Reunion” 又回来了!想要建立业界人脉么?想要公司内部工作referal么?想了解如何搞定工作么?想知道业界的潜规则”么?本次CSSA为您请到10位优秀华人校友,遍及金融、咨询、IT、工程、市场营销、管理等各个行业,与您分享求职、工作的经验和心得,与您聊天,为您一对一解惑。




3:45-4:00 活动注册

5:30-7:00 自助餐、与嘉宾自由交流


CSSA 会为大家提供多样的食物,包括寿司、北京烤鸭、 鸭肉炒饭、沙拉、水果、各式甜点等


活动时间4:00-7:00 pmNov 14, 2015


地点Lake Room, Norris Centre, Northwestern University, 1999 Campus Dr, Evanston


票价: $10/ (仅限30)






Weizeng Zhang

Weizeng Zhang, associate at McKinsey. He holds a Ph.D in transportation from Northwestern University, where he focused on statistical modeling and its application in transportation and marketing. He is interested in the opportunities in consulting, private equity,venture capital and management roles in corporations and start-ups.

Jiadong Gong

Jiadong Gong is a founding member and head of Materials Design at QuesTek Innovations. Jiadong went to Tsinghua University for undergraduate study and holds a PhD of Materials Science from Northwestern University. He is an inventor with many patents and one of his many breakthrough inventions has won over $1M Innovation Research Award from the Department of Energy.


Jin Lin

Jin Lin is an Analytics Lead at Groupon, where he is in charge of designing and launching national promotion campaigns. He has 6 years experience on marketing. He holds a Master degree from Medill school at Northwestern University.


Peicong Liu

Peicong Liu is a Software Engineer at Orbitz Worldwide, where he provide technical support for hoteliers to create promotion, and design promotion host platform to apply and validate all the promotions and coupons for the whole websites. He holds a Master degree in Computer Science from Northwestern university and Bachelor degree from Ocean University of China. He originally comes from Taian, Shandong.


Caitlin Cai

Caitlin Cai joins Blue Vista as an Analyst.  Her responsibilities include financial modeling, market research, joint venture partner interaction, support for fundraising, and involvement in all aspects of the acquisition and underwriting process.  Prior to working at BVCM, Ms. Cai was a fundamental analyst at 3 Twelve capital, and an investment banking analyst at JPMorgan. She graduated from Northwestern University, with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and a minor in Business Institutions.


Tianchen Liu

Tianchen Liu is a Technical Lead in Protech, where his responsibilities include Mechanical Engineering Design, Quality Control and Sales Service. He holds a Master degree in Mechanical Engineering from McCormick School of Engineering at Northwestern University, and a Bachelor degree from College of Engineering at Boston University.

Shan Xue

Shan Xue is an advanced analytic analyst at CDW, where she design and develop models to support the business, and work collaboratively with IT group to develop prototypes for various projects involving large data sets in the Hadoop cluster. She holds a Master's degree in Applied Mathematics at Northwestern, and a Bachelor degree in Ohio State University.


Yue Geng

Yue Geng is a Senior Associate at Discover Financial Services, where he integrate data and modeling techniques to develop risk management models for its credit card department. He holds a PhD degree from Industrial Engineering at Northwestern University, and a Bachelor degree from Zhejiang University, China.

Qingyuan Zhang

Qingyuan Zhang is a software engineer in Groupon, where he works on cyber-security. He holds a Master degree in Computer Science at Northwestern University and a Bachelor degree of Microelectronics at Hefei University of Technology, China.


Amy Zhou

Amy is an Analyst, Performance Analytics, OMD Worldwide. She is passionate about drawing insights and formulating compelling stories out of qualitative and quantitative data. She holds a Master's degree in integrated marketing communications at Northwestern University with concentrations in Marketing Analytics and Digital marketing.