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New Students Gala | 迎新晚会

posted Sep 11, 2011, 8:12 PM by Yongli Wang   [ updated Oct 15, 2011, 9:23 AM ]
The New Students Gala will be the second biggest event in the Chinese community at NU. It is designed to let the students from different cultures or backgrounds mingle with each other and help the new students get used to the life at NU or even build their new social network in the US. We invite several professional teams to perform shows, and also, there will be many games for the audience to get involved. Please help us forward this link to your friends, your classmates or your colleagues, no matter whether they are graduates or undergraduates, no matter they are from different countries or speak different language. Because the language barrier or culture difference will not prevent people getting together to play games and have fun.

We will draw lottery (ipod nano and gift cards) and provide dinner | 此次活动将会有抽奖及晚餐提供

The Program List

Typhoon Dance Troupe Dance | 舞蹈《床前明月光》
Game Guess the number | 猜数字
Game Porter | 搬运工
师振宇/朱冠羽 Violin | 小提琴演奏《Meditation》
Game Slip a knot | 巧解绳结
Lottery (at 5pm)30$ gift card

Game Feed me | 善解人意
Game Can you speak Cantonese | 你会说粤语吗
Game The Straits | 两岸词汇对对碰
Zhao Nan Dance | 藏族独舞≪祝福≫
Dinner Movie | 中场休息
Game Chopsticks | 箸
Lottery (at 6pm) 50$ gift card
朱冠羽 Piano | 李斯特的超技练习曲《黄昏的和谐》
Game Entrapment | 偷天陷阱
王峻/刘源 Sing|钢琴伴奏歌曲《其实你不懂我的心》&《传奇》
Game Move your body | 七拼八凑
Lottery (at 7:30pm) iPod nano 6th generation 8GB
陈劼宁 Sing | 男声独唱《乡音乡情》

Please fill out the form on the right, if you want to attend the event. We will offer every attendee a meal box, which is covered by the admission fee. Catering will be provided from Koi Evanston and 527 Cafe. Unlike Spring Festival Gala, it will be game orientated and the audience will get involved. Wish to see you.

Time: 10/15 4pm - 8pm
Admission fee: 5$ (if you submit the online form on the right)
                       7$ (if you haven't submitted the form and arrive on site)

           Only those who submit the online form on the right and attend this event will be in the candidate pool for the lottery.
           Dinner will be served around 6:30pm. During the dinner time, you can chat and mingle with others, and we will play a video clip.

New Students Gala