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Tennis | 网球比赛

posted Jun 23, 2011, 2:58 PM by Yongli Wang   [ updated Jun 23, 2011, 10:45 PM by Northwestern CSSA ]

Main message

举办网球比赛。比赛冠亚季军的奖品依次是amazon gift card 50$ 40$ 30$。 比赛分为男子组和女子组,请有意参赛者点击以下链接报名填写信息
虽然奖品不是很丰厚, 但是奖品第三、比赛第二、友谊第一,比赛不分年龄国籍性别,欢迎大家踊跃参与,也欢迎到时观看比赛
2、是否苦恼于打球时无人拍照, 而无法留下自己打球时精彩的瞬间呢。在这次活动, 将会有CSSA专业摄影队来拍照, 为每位选手留下可以放在facebook、校内主页上的头像。


同时, 参赛选手将有机会加入西北大学中国留学生学者网球协会, 接受协会男子队长Chen Jiening和协会女子队长Yu Qiuping的专业指导。而且比赛的冠亚季军将会“高薪”聘请为协会的教练。

Follow-up message

We are glad to hear your voice. Here is the follow-up email based on the valuable suggestions

1. It is not a competition. It is just for fun. Everyone can join. Don't be afraid to lose face. Everyone is a hero/heroine. The applause is for everyone.
2. Your privacy is our priority. So we provide this form for you. You can fill it out or use the spreadsheet in the last email. Either way will be OK.
3. June 17th 5:00pm will be the deadline to enter this game. After that we will determine the order in which they would have their matches.
4. Each player, if he/she will, could also umpire for others.
5. We will inform you when the game will begin in the near future, based on how many people would like to play.

2、为保护大家的隐私,你可以填写下面的问巻或是填写之前的google spreadsheet来报名,两种方法都可以


Attach a flyer. Designed by Zhao Yu, Yu Qiuping and Chen Jiening.


Follow-up message

We will hold a tennis game tomorrow on 10:00am (June 18). But there will be a great chance that heavy rain will reach Evanston tomorrow. So we plan to move the location to Spac. However, we contacted with the staffs in the gym and there is no available courts tomorrow. We have to cancel the game if it rains or the game will go ahead provided the rain keeps off. An email will be sent out before 9:30am tomorrow to make sure whether we will play. We sincerely apologize about that and really appreciate the support from all of you, our beloved friends. 

Thanks for Yu Zhao arranging the order about who will play whom. The details will be sent to the players soon. Thank you for attending the event.