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Want to improve your English?

Ashish Basuray is a warm-hearted native speaker wants to share his free time, and to help the Chinese students to learn English for free!

If you want to join us, please fill out the form on the left.


A mini-biography of Ashish Basuray

My name is Ashish Basuray. I was born in the Midwest, and moved shortly thereafter to East Coast where I spent most of my childhood. During high school, I caught the travel bug – traveling with my high school to Russia and Ukraine, and London. I went on to Carnegie Mellon University for my undergraduate education, graduating with a BS in Chemistry. I was then accepted into the United States Peace Corps, and after a brief research stint at NIH, left for Nepal in 2003. I served as a Science Laboratory Instructor while in the Peace Corps, helping development science curriculum and building science laboratories. Upon returning stateside, I went into corporate management consulting for several years before returning to academia to receive my PhD in Chemistry at Northwestern University with Sir Fraser Stoddart. 

Because of my experiences working with different cultures, I am cognizant that English is a very difficult language. You may be the most elegant speaker in your home country, but find it very difficult to communicate simple concepts in English to your labmates or co-workers. Because I have seen so many brilliant people, especially from China, not able to express themselves effectively, I would like to give back to your community my native English skills. 

I will be holding several sessions over the coming quarter, and encourage anyone who would like to learn more about 1) conversational English, 2) writing with proper grammatical structure, and 3) scientific writing / discussions to join my tutoring sessions. 

I look forward to working with you, and hope you find this activity as rewarding as I find volunteering my services.

Ashish Basuray

Which Proficiency of English are you?

  • Communicates with difficulty and many errors
  • Very simple, unelaborated answers
  • Many hesitations
  • No ability to extend conversation
  • Uses simple grammar & vocabulary
Low Intermediate
  • Communicates understandably with some errors
  • Simple answers and little elaboration
  • Attempts interactive conversation
  • Attempts more complex grammar
High Intermediate
  • Communicates fairly well
  • Some elaboration, especially on familiar topics
  • Can converse with errors and some hesitations
  • Uses more complex grammar & vocabulary
  • Communicates well with occasional errors
  • Converses with lots of elaboration and interaction
  • Errors don't hinder communication
  • Uses advanced grammar & vocabulary

Available time slots will be indicated below. After you register, you will receive a confirmation letter with the tutoring location.