posted Dec 12, 2011, 3:24 PM by Yongli Wang
CSSA provides the food. It is free!

Nothing better than to enjoy free food and mingle with other NU students whom you may have never talked with or even met before. In order to make sure the diversity of the attendees, please fill out the right form. Due to the limitation of the capacity, and also for the efficiency purpose, we can only hold a dinner to 20 people. You will receive a confirmation letter, if you are enrolled into this event. 

Please don't feel disappointed, if you miss this one. We will try to hold the "Dinner with Strangers" program on a pace of every month. Please keep an eye on it. Thanks.

Time: 12/30 Friday 6:00pm
Campus: Evanston Campus
Location: To Be Determined


12/30 Dinner with Strangers