Recruiting Mandarin-English speakers

posted May 24, 2012, 8:50 AM by Yongli Wang
Hi, I am recruiting Mandarin-English speakers for my research projects. If you are a native speaker of Mandarin, and a proficient English speaker (if you are studying at NW, you are surely a proficient English speaker), you are warmly invited to participate in my study. The study will take about 2 hours, and we will provide 25$ to compensate your time. Our lab (Psycholinguistics and Bilingualism Lab) is located in the Frances Searle Building (2240 Campus Drive), 3rd floor, Room 3-344. If you drive to campus to participate in the study, you can have one-day pass to park close to our building. We will be running a few simple language and cognitive tasks on you and you can take breaks in between. Please contact me if you are, office number: 847-491-4507.

Hope all is well, WX.