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Part time job opportunity

posted Sep 15, 2011, 6:58 AM by Yongli Wang

Dear Sir/Madam,


Shicha.com is an educational consulting online platform developed by a group of Ivy League graduates and designed to guide Chinese applicants through the college application processes via a new channel. Currently we are recruiting talents like you, who possess the understanding of both cultures and experience in college application, to strengthen the Shicha.com as well as to assist more Chinese applicants in realizing their dreams, if you have the passion and willing to contribute your knowledge and experience to more applicants, come join us now


Part-time Consultant

Work description

You will be able to advise each stage of the clients’ application processes through close interactions with them. You can work from distance and/or choose the areas that most interests you. Also, there will be written projects, photo and video submissions about your school and other related activities for you to get paid from our website.


1.         Starting at least $15/hour

l  Ample chances of increase with further experience

l  Determine your own price according to different requests from clients

l  Flexible working schedule

2.         The more you contribute the more you will earn. Bid on more projects to increase your earning.

3.         Get more experience and make friends though the internship


1.       Currently studying at or having graduated from a reputable foreign college or university.

2.       All citizenships and visa statuses apply.

3.       All degrees and majors are welcome.

4.       Proficiency in Mandarin Chinese preferred but not required

If interested, please register at our website www.shicha.com as a consultant. We will get back to you within 2 to 3 weeks regarding next step of the selection process. Please feel free to contact us at consultant@shicha.com with any inquiries. (All registration will be made online)


Best Regards,











u  不低于15美元/小时的工资

²  顾问可根据自己的能力参与竞标,获取相应工资

²  顾问可根据工作内容自行定价收费

²  时间完全自由

u  多劳多得,可根据自己的能力与时间,参与更多的竞标获取更丰厚地薪酬

u  可以通过实习,增强自己的能力



u  现就读于信誉良好的海外大学或已经毕业。

u  首选中文熟练者,但非必要条件。

u  就读所有学位和专业的学生均可。

u  任何签证均可。

如果您有意愿加入我们的团队,请在www.shicha.com 注册成我们的顾问,我们将会在2-3周内回复您并安排在线面试时间,如果您有任何疑问,请发送邮件到consultant@shicha.com (所有注册申请均在线上完成)