How to join in the meal plan

posted Jun 27, 2011, 1:44 PM by Yongli Wang   [ updated Jun 27, 2011, 2:29 PM by Northwestern CSSA ]
Written by Zhenyu Hou, who is one of the most reliable men in NU

The meal plan is provided by northwestern CSSA and sponsored by

Hunan Spring (847-328-8082) internet access:
Marcopolo (847-763-1848) internet access:
527 Cafe (847-332-2233). internet access:

Ordering process:

1) Create an account

  1. Sign-up for each restaurant is separate and can be done though NUCSSA website.
  2. After sign-up, there will not be a confirmation letter sent out. Just go back and check if you are able to sign in using your credential.

2) Account balance
  1.  Deposit should be made on-site to the person in charge of each restaurant. Both cash and personal check are accepted. Ask to find the person in  charge of each restaurant when picking up your lunch.
  2.  You account balance should be kept above -$9 to be able to order successfully

3) Order
  1. Order should be made on-line before 10am for lunch to be delivered that day. You can make an order a week in advance.
  2. If you happen to forget order before 10am, you  can make a phone order through phone number of each restaurant after 11am. But this is not encouraged.

4) Pick up
  1. Lunches are delivered at 12pm each week day to entrance of Mudd library (Tech library).
  2. Lunches should be picked up between 12pm-12:30pm, otherwise we have the right to confiscate your lunch.
  3. If you choose to dine on-site, please take care of your left-overs and clean the table after you finished.

The meal plan service is a non-profit service. It has served northwestern community for over five years and is well received by our customers. In order to keep this service alive please be responsible when using the service:
  1. be on time when ordering and picking up;
  2. be quiet and avoiding disturbing the library patrons;
  3. clean up any left-overs after you dine on site.