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Car pool

The program is designed to share ride with the new students on the way to grocery.

For students/scholars without cars.

Have you been surprised at the whole bill from the whole food, or wondering why so few choices in the local groceries. Actually, there are many asian markets in the great Chicago area, but much of them are 20-30 mins away by car. So we design a car pool program. If you want to join this program, please fill out the following form. Please remember to be polite and patience when seeking help from others. Your privacy is our priority. We won't distribute your information in public.

Car Pool | Rider

For students/scholars with cars.

The Chinese community is larger than your imagine. Sharing ride will be a good opportunity to make new friends and complement your network. If you would like to share a ride in the your trip to grocery, please fill out the following form. We will share a google spreadsheet with you. The sheet contains the information of emails, addresses and department. Just simply send out an email to the recipients and let them know your shopping date and time. Based on your capacity, you can decide who to be taken.

Car Pool | Provider